LASI 2013 Logistics

LASI2013 Detailed Logistics Information

Please make sure to bring your laptops with you.  Several of the afternoon workshops will include hands on components and information will be distributed electronically throughout the week.  See below for wifi access instructions.  The program is available on-line, though still subject to last minute changes of course.

Contact list for getting to campus from the airports

I know some of you are traveling a little earlier and won’t need to join with others to travel from San Francisco or San Jose airports.  However, for those of you who will be arriving on Saturday, June 30, here is a grouping of flight times, from those who have already sent me their itineraries.  I am sharing names and email addresses on the attached spreadsheet.  Please contact each other if you wish to meet up, and remember that flights can come in early, or be delayed.  If you don’t see your name on the list, yet you sent me your flight details, please let me know.  I will own up to any mistakes, and reissue the list!

Please remember – NO reimbursement from LASI for ground transportation from or to the airport.  We can only reimburse your flights up to the budgeted level, and your accommodation and food during LASI.  If you have been asked to reserve a hotel room instead of campus accommodation, and are not paying for your own costs, we reimburse the hotel costs up to the budgeted level of $141.25.

Hopefully, you will be able to arrange to meet and get a cab or shuttle between you.  NB. Stanford does not run its own shuttle service unfortunately. There is a taxi rank outside the terminal with a steady flow of licensed taxi cabs.  If you want to make arrangements in advance, here are a few companies to try:

AAA Legacy Limo Inc.

There is also: or

and finally:

A few of these sites give you a quote, and allow you to choose to reserve in advance for a curbside pick up, or for a greeter to meet you in the terminal.

Where to direct your cab driver (the street address is not accessible to vehicles):

Ask your taxi driver to drop you on O’Connor Lane, which is off Campus Drive just after Munger, and is shown as Lane A on the attached pdf.  This seems to be the closest ‘street’ access to the Conference Front Desk location.  There are A-frame direction signs all over the area.  You are looking for the Munger Graduate Residences Conference Front Desk!


Starting Tuesday morning, there will be a sheet at the registration desk in CERAS each morning, for you to leave your name, flight departure time and phone number if you are departing that day and would be interested in sharing a cab back to the airport.

Access to Stanford amenities while you are here:

Also, a point I forgot to mention in my last email.  Attendance at LASI 2013 entitles you to access to the University gym and other athletic facilities for a cost of $5 per day.  Please inquire at the Conference Front Desk on check-in. They will provide you with information on all aspects of your stay!

Clarification – Check In vs Registration:

On Sunday, June 30 you will CHECK IN at the Munger Graduate Residences “Conference Front Desk”.  On Monday, July 1 you will REGISTER at the Registration Desk in CERAS, where you can collect your name badge and settle any outstanding debt on your attendance.  Breakfast is at 8am each day, including Registration Day on Monday, and is in CERAS.  You will also eat breaks and lunches, and the two networking receptions in CERAS.  The Welcome Dinner on Monday night will be at Paul Brest Hall, which is underneath the Munger Graduate Residences, Building 4.  Dinner on the other nights (Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) will be using your dining hall tickets at the Arrillaga Family Dining Commons.

On the day you check in, all LASI participants will receive dining hall tickets for their dinners on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. The location of the Arrillaga Family Dining Hall is on the attached map, and the Conference Front Desk (CFD) staff can also help you find it.  There are lots of other places to eat at as well, both on campus and in Palo Alto.  On campus, you may want to walk to Tresidder Union, or to the Knight Management Center.  Not sure on opening hours for some of the campus eateries, but both locations offer an assortment of cuisines.  NOTE – if you plan to go into ‘town’ (Palo Alto) it’s a longer walk than you think!  You may catch a free shuttle (but pay attention to the schedules as this is now Summer Schedule), or call a cab!  Again, see the map at this link (you can click and drag or zoom out to see more locations):

This map view will show you the location of CERAS and also of the Munger Graduate Residences.  We are in Buildings 4 & 5.  Bldg 4 is marked as such.  I believe Bldg 5 is Jacob Sorensen on the map.  The Conference Front Desk is in that building, facing Bldg 4 and the Russo Cafe.  You can see that it is a very simple, few hundred yard walk between CERAS and Munger.  The Arrillaga Family Dining Commons is a block away walking down Arguello Way.

Marguerite (campus shuttle) service:

Dinner and Reception Info:

Remember that on Tuesday and Wednesday, at the end of the breakout sessions, we will be hosting a networking reception in the lobby at CERAS.  Please take this opportunity to meet your colleagues, have a drink and a few appetizers before you head to the Arrillaga Family Dining Hall for dinner.  The timing will be perfect, as you should miss most of the kids’ Summer Camp clientele in the Dining Hall.

WiFi Guest LogIn and Password:

Select Stanford as the wireless network you wish to connect to and when prompted click on ‘Wireless Guest’.  You should then be asked for a user name and password:

User Name – LASI2013
Password – lasi2013

User name is caps, password is lower case.

Note: We found out today that WiFi access in the Munger Residences is a little different than on the rest of campus.  This relates to the way the students have access when school is in session, so they don’t have access to the main Stanford wifi network when in their residences.  Instead, at Munger you will need to use the ‘Stanford Visitor’ network (you won’t see ‘Stanford’ on it’s own as an option).  No log in required, and it’s adequate for email and browsing.  When on main campus (just a few hundred yards away), during the Institute, you will use the Stanford network with the log in info that I sent you already.  It’s also on the Word document attached.

Please read the attached word document.  You will receive a similar/the same document when you check in, but just in case you don’t get the information, here it is.  It has more detailed instructions and screen shots of the log in process (courtesy of Mark Mims… thank you Mark!). Wireless Networks while at Stanford

Contact phone numbers for emergencies:

You should have all  you need to find the campus, and the Conference Front Desk.  Just in case of difficulty, you can call either Taylor Martin or myself.  Taylor will be already here on campus.

Taylor – (512) 585 2289
Addy – (650) 924 0144

Parking Information:

For those of you who will drive to attend LASI, whether you are staying at Munger Graduate Residences, a local hotel, or not staying at all: Parking scratchers can be purchased at the Conference Front Desk office and entitle you to park in any “EA or C” space (and I think, ES or SO spaces as well – the scratcher will tell you).  These are campus housing spaces used by students when they are in school, and by summer conferences when they are not. You will find these spaces in the Wilbur underground lot (Parking Structure 6) and also in the surface lots in that vicinity, very close to the Institute venue. OH, and you do NOT need a scratcher for July the 4th. As a Holiday, parking is not enforced that day.

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