LASI 2018 Workshops & Tutorials


We are pleased to present a great LASI’18 program that includes 7 Workshops and 8 Tutorials!

Individuals take a deep dive into one workshop across the entire LASI, while tutorials enable participants to get a flavour of a range of topics.

Each individual can choose 1 workshop and 2 tutorials.

W1. Building predictive models of student success with the Weka toolkit
W2. Social Network Analysis: Learning Analytics Perspectives
W3. Text mining for learning content analysis
W4. Unsupervised Machine Learning
W5. Educational measurement and the challenges of inferring learning
W6. Engineering Learning Analytics Using Learning Science
W7. Multimodal Learning Analytics (MMLA)
T1: Python Bootcamp for Learning Analytics Practitioners
T2: Introduction to R programming language
T3: Learning analytics: Planning for the Future
T4: Developing and Implementing institutional data governance, ethics and privacy policies for Educational Data
T5: Feature Engineering
T6: Social Media Mining in Learning Contexts
T7: Designing Dashboards to Impact Educational Practice
T8: Text mining for learning content analysis
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