Chapter 13

Handbook of Learning Analytics
First Edition

Learning Analytics Implementation Design

Alyssa Friend Wise & Jovita Vytasek


This chapter addresses the design of learning analytics implementations: the purposeful shaping of the human processes involved in taking up and using analytic tools, data, and reports as part of an educational endeavor. This is a distinct but equally important set of design choices from those made in the creation of the learning analytics systems themselves. The first part of the chapter reviews key challenges of interpretation and action in analytics use. The three principles of Coordination, Comparison, and Customization are then presented as guides for thinking about the design of learning analytics implementations. The remainder of the chapter reviews the existing research and theory base of learning analytics implementation design for instructors (related to the practices of learning design and orchestration) and students (as part of a reflective and self-regulated learning cycle). Implications for learning analytics designers and researchers and areas requiring further research are highlighted.

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