Chapter 7

Handbook of Learning Analytics
First Edition

Content Analytics: The Definition,
Scope, and an Overview of Published Research

Vitomir Kovanović, Srećko Joksimović, Dragan Gašević,
Marek Hatala, & George Siemens


The field of learning analytics recently attracted attention from educational practitioners and researchers interested in the use of large amounts of learning data for understanding learning processes and improving learning and teaching practices. In this chapter, we introduce content analytics — a particular form of learning analytics focused on the analysis of different forms of educational content. We provide the definition and scope of content analytics and a comprehensive summary of the significant content analytics studies in the published literature to date. Given the early stage of the learning analytics field, the focus of this chapter is on the key problems and challenges for which existing content analytics approaches are suitable and have been successfully used in the past. We also reflect on the current trends in content analytics and their position within a broader domain of educational research.

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