Chapter 9

Handbook of Learning Analytics
First Edition

Discourse Analytics

Carolyn Penstein Rosé


This chapter introduces the area of discourse analytics (DA). Discourse analytics has its impact in multiple areas, including offering analytic lenses to support research, enabling formative and summative assessment, enabling of dynamic and context sensitive triggering of interventions to improve the effectiveness of learning activities, and provision of reflection tools such as reports and feedback after learning activities in support of both learning and instruction. The purpose of this chapter is to encourage both an appropriate level of hope and an appropriate level of skepticism for what is possible while also exposing the reader to the breadth of expertise needed to do meaningful work in this area. It is not the goal to impart the needed expertise. Instead, the goal is for the reader to find his or her place within this scope to discern what kinds of collaborators to seek in order to form a team that encompasses sufficient breadth. We begin with a definition of the field, casting a broad net both theoretically and methodologically, explore both representational and algorithmic dimensions, and conclude with suggestions for next steps for readers who are interested in delving deeper.

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